A Parish Map On-Line

A community uses new technology to explore and record its own unique identity in the form of a web-site.

The project  focuses on the geographical space that the community inhabits and the historical processes that created it, while at the same time exploring the emotional attachments to the place of the people who make up the community.
The project is cross-generational. Elderly members of the community are involved as the Roath Village  Elders and are working  with school children from   local primary schools. The Elders are contributing their knowledge of the neighbourhood through reminiscence and the children are helping them use computers to record their stories and memories.
Three schools have been involved:

            Y4, Y5 and Y6 in Marlborough Junior School
            Y2, Y5 and Y6 in Albany Primary School and
            Y10 in Willows High School.
Children  and elders have worked together using  new multimedia technology to build this  web-site to express their sense of community identity.
The project has been cross curricular : we have involved topics from Geography, History, Science, Maths, Art, and English as well as Information Technology.

Children have also developed a range of transferable skills :  investigation, collaboration, interviewing, listening, recording, questioning and using evidence, planning, presenting . . . .
Others artists have helped draw out creative responses to the place we live. A photographer  worked with the children and elders  to record the locality through  portrait, montage and panorama. Stephanie Bunn also explored the history of photography and helped children understand  the scientific processes at work. A ceramicist worked with children in Y4 to create a 3D sculpture to commemorate the project. Jan Beeny's totem bird bath is studded with images created by the children in clay which reveal their own sense of where they live. Poet, Gillian Clarke, helped children in Y6 observe and express their feelings about the natural world surrounding them in their city neighbourhood.

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